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GWE Consulting Ltd is an engineering consulting company providing specialist advice and design in water, wastewater, stormwater and geotechnical engineering.

Our team of engineers have an extensive background providing effective and affordable solutions to individual land owners, property developers and municipal authorities. Our day to day activities include pre-purchase advice and due diligence,  onsite wastewater design and consent applications, geotechnical investigations and reporting, wastewater process design and review, stormwater detention and infiltration design, and specifying improvements for drinking water.

Key capabilities

  • Onsite Wastewater treatment systems
  • Stormwater
  • Water Supply
  • Commercial and Industrial Wastewater
  • Geotechnical Engineering
  • Structures
  • Transportation
  • Project Management

Our Capabilities

Onsite Wastewater Treatment

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  • Due diligence/pre purchase inspections of existing wastewater systems
  • Site investigations
  • Design for septic tanks, aerated treatment, activated sludge, filtration systems
  • Land disposal of treated effluent
  • Specialist advice for renewing failed systems
  • Preparation of specialist reports to support resource consent applications

Stormwater Management

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  • Catchment hydrology
  • Option identification and evaluation
  • Rainwater re-use
  • Low impact design
  • Permeable paving, infiltration and soakage design
  • Stormwater detention and flow attenuation design
  • Flood identification and mitigation
  • Pipeline and culvert design

Municipal Water and Wastewater

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  • Master planning
  • Concept and detailed design
  • Pipelines
  • Pump Stations
  • Remedial works for leak and I/I reduction
  • Tendering
  • Contract Management

Commercial and Industrial Wastewater

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  • Process design and review
  • Process improvements and optimisation
  • Automation, control and monitoring systems
  • Operator support and training
  • Design for managing Farm dairy Effluent
  • Preparation of Trade Waste Management Plans
  • Preparation of specialist reports to support resource consent applications


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  • Site investigations
  • Engineering geology
  • Construction monitoring and inspections
  • Pre purchase and due diligence reports
  • Slope stability analysis
  • Computational modelling
  • Geotechnical design


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  • Programme / Project Management
  • Structural surveys, Inspections, Assessments, Reports
  • Structural design
  • Design reviews
  • Building Consent Applications
  • Contract Preparation and Administration
  • Construction Supervision
  • Health & Safety Advisory Service


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  • Urban and rural road geometric design using MX Road
  • Traffic Studies, Traffic Reports, Transport Planning, Parking Surveys, Parking Studies and Traffic Impact Assessments
  • Transport planning and design of future road networks
  • Roundabout Design
  • Traffic modelling using aaSidra
  • Tunnelling
  • Bridge Inspections and Assessments
  • Rail Design, Permanent Way - Freight & Passenger, Main alignments, Switches & Crossings, Sidings, Yard Layouts, Stations, Park & Ride, multi-modal transport interchange
  • Civil Design
  • Client & Consultant Liaison, Stakeholder Reviews & Approvals

Our Team

Gareth Williams

021 985 892

Trevor Banks
Principal Geotechnical Engineer

021 985 832

Mehdi Sarwari
Geotechnical Engineer

021 985 831

Aaron Feast
Principal Water Engineer

021 985 883

Patrick O'Riordan
Senior Engineer Southern Area

021 143 1675

Denis Schubert
Principal Transportation Engineer

027 450 4034



Muhammad Pahore

Wastewater Engineer

021 106 7386



Damian Teh

Graduate Environmental Engineer

021 023 45819



Sam Johnson-Chung

Land Development Manager

Civil/Environmental Engineer

022 012 8165



Tobias Francis

Engineering Geologist

021 985 809



Janelle Watts

Office Assistant




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Key capabilities:

Onsite Wastewater treatment systems, Stormwater, Water Supply, Commercial and Industrial Wastewater, Geotechnical Engineering, Structures, Transportation, Project Management


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GWE Consulting Ltd

31 Bartley Tce,
(09) 445 8338