Fact Sheet 2, Water Services Act 2021

    Compliance Timeline

    The Water Services Act came into effect and became law on 15 November 2021. Taumata Arowai took over from the Ministry of Health as regulator of drinking water for Aotearoa.
    All statutory timeframes are from that date.

    • Registered supplies (regardless of size) have 1 year to comply with the Act (15 November 2022).
    • Unregistered supplies have up to 4 years to register (15 November 2025) and 7 years to comply with the Act (15 November 2028).
    • Any new supply requires immediate registration and compliance with the Act.

    Registration needs to be renewed annually to confirm any change of details of the supply, such as contacts, quantity supplied, new sources, treatment, etc.

    Registration, communication, and notifications with Taumata Arowai are via Hinekōrako, the new online service portal.

    Unregistered supplies and new supplies will need to create their account and registration in Hinekōrako directly.

    Some suppliers may apply for chlorination exemptions from 1 March 2022 if they believe their network is very small or safe without disinfectant residual.

    All New Zealanders need access to SAFE drinking water.

    Download this free guide to help understand the Reform of the Water Sector (Drinking Water) in New Zealand and the new Water Services Act 2021.