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For over 10 years GWE Consulting Engineers has been advising individuals, developers and businesses on how best to develop their property, facility and/or assets. We strive to add creativity, functionality, resilience and value to the way our clients live and work and to the well-being of those who depend on them and to the communities they serve. From our new office in Tauranga we are now even better placed to provide guidance and advice throughout the Bay of Plenty.

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    Environmental Services

    GWE provides its clients with a comprehensive range of environmental services to mitigate business risk, achieve sustainability goals and manage environmental effects across the full life cycle of their projects
    Contaminated Land What We Do

    Contaminated Land Remediation

    GWE provides a wide range of contaminated land management services and we work in partnership with our clients to find cost-effective and practical solutions for remediating sites to comply with National Environmental Standards.
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    Geotechnical Engineering

    GWE’s Geotechnical Engineering team specialises in the investigation, interpretation and analysis of geological processes, risks and ground conditions for land development projects and designs the engineering works for the proposed development.
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    Land Development Engineering

    Land Development engineering is a key part of our service. It combines our experience in site investigations, feasibility studies, resource management planning, infrastructure and civil engineering design and project management.
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    Drinking Water Engineering

    GWE offers advisory, design and implementation services related to the provision of drinking water including, water source selection, transmission, treatment process and plant design, storage and distribution. 
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    Industrial Wastewater Treatment

    GWE provides professional advice and design services for the management of wastewater discharges from “wet industries” including food processors, timber treatment, dairy farms and other industries requiring trade waste permits or resource consents.
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    Municipal Wastewater

    GWE’s provides its council clients with all the technical advice required for the planning, consenting, design and commissioning of new treatment plants and for the capacity and/or effluent quality upgrades to existing plants.
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    Small Community Wastewater

    Our team of wastewater engineers is able to provide practical, cost-effective treatment and disposal solutions for small communities, utilising a range of suitable treatment and disposal technologies.
    Stormwater Multi Plate Arrch Culvert

    Stormwater Management

    GWE specialises in managing the effects of stormwater runoff from urban areas and modified rural catchments to streams and rivers. Our solutions are aesthetically designed and meet regulatory standards for water quality and flow control.
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    Civil Engineering

    Our engineering team combines innovation and precision to deliver cutting-edge solutions for your infrastructure needs. From meticulous planning to sustainable construction practices, we are your trusted partner in shaping the future.

    With new offices in Hamilton and Tauranga, we now service a wider area that includes the Waikato and the Bay of Plenty.

    With new offices in Hamilton and Tauranga, we now service a wider area that includes the Waikato and the Bay of Plenty.
    Form our new office in Tauranga we are now able to offer local advice across a broader range of services. For assistance and advice on any of your engineering projects, please get in touch.