Kinloch Golf Course Wastewater Irrigation Upgrade Project – A HAZOP Workshop

Nov 20, 2019 | Company News

The Design Build team of Envirowater, GWE Consulting Engineers and Advanced Irrigation Systems recently participated in a project HAZOP workshop with the Client, Taupo District Council and its advisers, Harrison Grierson and iTSi.

The purpose of the HAZOP workshop was to review the detailed design of the system to transfer treated wastewater from the Kinloch Wastewater Treatment Plant and disperse it beneath the fairways on the Kinloch Golf Course. The system comprises irrigation pumping station, filter station, transmission mains and the 7 irrigation zones comprising 15 irrigation areas.

HAZOP Briefly Explained

A HAZOP is a Hazard and Operability Analysis and is a structured and systematic technique for examining a process and identifying potential risks to personnel, equipment or non-compliance with approvals or consents. In this case, the HAZOP examined the design and the future construction, operation and maintenance phases of the irrigation project with the intention of picking up any design and engineering issues that otherwise may not have been found.

(L to R, Garry Rippon, iTSi; Jeremy Laws, Envirowater; Colin Meadowcroft (in foreground), Taupo DC; Tim O’Riordan, AIS; Grant Pedersen, Harrison Grierson; Dan Stevenson Harrison Grierson; and not shown Colin Cranfield, GWE Consulting Engineers (taking photograph))

Independent Facilitation For The Best Outcome

The workshop was facilitated by Dan Stevenson who was responsible for the overall quality of the review. Dan was supported by Grant Pedersen who was the dedicated scribe to minute the meeting. The workshop used a standardised list of “guide-words” designed to explore possible deviations from the design intent that could trigger health and safety and/or operational risks.

The presence of the Client and the Client’s Advisers created a widely experienced cross-functional team that displayed significant depth of knowledge on the Client’s operations and good judgement on the project specifics. The workshop was carried out in a climate of positive thinking and frank discussion.

The HAZOP analysis has been documented and the agreed actions will guide the final design of the project. Pleasingly, there are not too many amendments that need to be made to the design and it is hoped that the project will move into the preconstruction phase over the next few weeks.

At GWE, we always favour a rigorous approach to the planning and design of projects. It enables the Client and the Client’s Advisers to reflect on the challenges ahead and collaborate on overcoming issues before they arise. A HAZOP Workshop is one of a range of tools available for use during the planning and design phases of a project and forms part of GWE’s quality control processes.