Subdivision Investigation

At GWE, we pride ourselves in delivering meticulous subdivision investigations

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Our expert geotechnical engineers possess a wealth of experience assessing the diverse soil and rock structures within the local landscape, empowering us to offer comprehensive insights for your subdivision projects.

Why Subdivision Investigation Matters:

Undertaking thorough subdivision investigations is critical to discerning and addressing potential geotechnical risks. These investigations are integral to driving design decisions and ensuring the safety, stability, and triumph of your subdivision project. By analysing factors like soil composition, groundwater conditions, and geological traits, we provide the insights needed to influence practical elements of your design like foundation choice, slope stability, and drainage systems. The findings from these investigations crucially facilitate informed decision-making, optimising the enduring performance and resilience of your subdivision project.

Our Method

We delve into detailed site investigations, gathering data on soil properties, groundwater conditions, potential geohazards, and more. This valuable information is instrumental in planning subdivision layouts, shaping infrastructure design, and fulfilling regulatory requirements.

Features and Advantages

Masterful Analysis:

Our proficient and experienced team is unwavering in its commitment to providing precise and trustworthy subdivision investigations, in line with the loftiest quality standards. Our meticulous methodology and eye for detail ensure our clients receive extensive and thorough assessments to facilitate project planning and decision-making. For all your subdivision investigation needs, place your trust in us.

Comprehensive Reporting:

We are committed to generating all-encompassing reports that offer clear, actionable insights for your project planning. These insights will shape your decision-making, ensuring alignment with your goals. Our tailored sub-division reports provide detailed analysis and recommendations, equipping you with the necessary information to drive project success.

Risk Mitigation:

Through our detailed investigations, we effectively identify and tackle a variety of geotechnical risks, ensuring your project’s utmost safety and success. We proactively combat challenges including soil instability, ground subsidence, slope failure, and liquefaction potential, instilling confidence and peace of mind for your project’s progression.

Regulatory Compliance:

We ensure your project aligns with all local and national regulations, such as the Building Act 2004, the Resource Management Act 1991, and the Health and Safety at Work Act 2015 in New Zealand. We prioritise regulatory adherence to secure your project’s success and legality.

Choose GWE for your subdivision investigation needs and experience the peace of mind that comes from knowing your project is secure in expert hands.