Geotechnical Engineering

GWE’s Geotechnical Engineering team specialises in the investigation, interpretation and analysis of geological processes, risks and ground conditions for land development projects and designs the engineering works for the proposed development.

Our geotechnical interpretations are meticulously executed, and our team of engineering geologists and engineers translate subsurface investigation and observations into meaningful and accurate ground models for geotechnical design.

We plan site investigations to suit risks, uncertainties and the project budget to minimise surprises. We work closely with specialist subcontractors who provide drilling, cone penetration and other specialist site testing.

Geotechnical Engineering – What We Do

Our engineers plan and undertake site investigations that provide the design information to develop a range of solutions for complex geotechnical conditions that affect land development projects including slope stability, liquefaction, foundations, ground support systems and groundwater control. We provide our clients with the following services.

  • Due diligence reporting and pre-purchase inspections
  • Site investigations
  • Geotechnical analysis
  • Geotechnical design
  • Construction monitoring and inspections

Due Diligence Reporting and Pre-Purchase Inspections

GWE provides a range of due diligence services to assist clients understand the risks when considering the purchase of a property for a development opportunity, such as a residential dwelling through to a multi-lot subdivision. On a property where new construction is planned, an in-depth look at site geology and geotechnical conditions is of critical importance and is part of a due diligence package. The information gathered to complete a Due Diligence report can be used to create a more comprehensive geotechnical report should the property transaction proceed.

  • Site inspection
  • Review of the NZ geotechnical database and other data sets
  • Phase 1 sub-surface investigation, if required
  • Foundation conditions and types
  • Infrastructure assessment reporting
  • Assessment of ground soakage conditions

Site Investigations

GWE offers a full range of site investigation services to inform our geotechnical analyses and design work. Soil and rock samples are analysed on site or tested in the laboratory and the results are interpreted by our teams of engineering geologists and geotechnical engineers. The results are assessed against observations made on site to provide accurate and meaningful data for subsequent phases of the project.

  • Logging of machine drilled and hand augered boreholes
  • Logging of machine excavated test pits
  • Geomorphologic mapping and 3D modelling
  • Shear vane testing
  • Scala and cone penetrometer testing
  • Clegg hammer testing
  • Groundwater monitoring

Geotechnical Analysis

Working with the findings from our site investigation work we use the latest software to develop geotechnical models which are calibrated with our observations in the field. We use these models to analyse existing site conditions and model development scenarios to provide engineering data for the geotechnical design of your project. Our modelling work extends to:

  • Groundwater assessments
  • Seismic analysis
  • Settlement, liquefaction and lateral spread analysis
  • Slope stability analysis
  • Soil-structure interaction analysis

Geotechnical Design

Our geotechnical design team has extensive experience in the conceptual and detailed design phases of small residential projects through to large scale infrastructure and land development projects. The design phase of each project is informed by the engineering data outputs from our geotechnical analyses work to produce cost-effective designs which include:

  • Foundation systems
  • Earth and water retaining structures
  • Embankments
  • Earthworks and reclamations
  • Road pavements
  • On-site wastewater disposal

Construction Monitoring and Inspections

Our geotechnical engineering team will provide construction monitoring and reporting services on building and land development projects to ensure that the intent of the design work is being followed during the construction phase. As the project nears completion, we can prepare a draft completion report that enables other engineering disciplines to complete their work. At the conclusion of the project we will finalise our reporting so you can obtain code compliance and sign off from the local council. Work we undertake includes:

  • Earthworks monitoring and certification
  • Scala Penetrometer and Nuclear Densometer testing
  • Retaining wall inspections
  • Subgrade inspections
  • Earthworks completion reports