Bombay Motorway Services, Water Safety Plan

Client:                     BP Oil Limited
Location:                Bombay, Auckland
Project Value:       Undisclosed
Sector:                    Commercial/Industrial, 3 Waters
Completion:          2021


The Bombay Motorway Services supplies drinking water to all customers of the BP service station and adjoining hospitality offerings, which includes a café, restaurant and shops.  At times, thousands of people are visiting the site daily and therefore public health risk is high if the water supply does not meet the Drinking Water Standards for NZ 2005, revised 2018.

GWE was engaged to provide the following work: 

  • Bore Security Assessment to confirm their groundwater source is secure in accordance with Section 4.4 of DWSNZ 2005 (Rev 2018).
  • Catchment Sanitary Survey to understand the type, size and risk of the aquifer and its recharge zones.
  • Water Safety Plan (WSP) Addendum to their old Public Health Risk Management Plan.

BP is now able to submit its WSP to the new Regulator Taumata Arowai as soon as the bill passes and develop new WSPs for their other sites to ensure public health remains a priority.  GWE successfully prepared the WSP by implementing their in-house water source evaluation and treatment plant process auditing methodologies and health/risk management strategies.


  • Source, treatment, storage and distribution audit
  • Review of compliance with Drinking Water Standards
  • Evaluation of Critical Points and Barriers to Contamination
  • Risk Assessment
  • Improvement Plan
  • Process Control Summaries
  • Contingency Planning