Cliff Top Residence, Geotechnical Engineering

Client:                      Private
Location:                Waterfront, Auckland
Project Value:       Undisclosed
Sector:                    Residential
Completion:          2021


GWE was engaged to provide a staged geotechnical assessment of a residential redevelopment project within Auckland City.  The site provided a complex geotechnical situation as a combined effect of the property location; at the crest of a coastal cliff and the proposed development which included excavation of a deep residential basement, up to two storeys in places.

GWE provided geotechnical characterisation and profiling of the site with a detailed geotechnical investigation and groundwater monitoring by hand augering to profile strata and groundwater levels relative to the proposed development.  The second stage included detailed geotechnical design relating to the proposed basement including geotechnical design of the proposed concrete

basement walls and the groundwater drawdown effect in relation to the Auckland Unitary Plan. 

The geotechnical assessment was taken to the next level to determine the potential settlement effects on neighbouring properties by means of mechanical deflection of the basement retaining walls and the effect of groundwater drawdown caused by the permanent basement excavation.  Measures for minimising the effects on neighbouring properties including limiting the allowable deflections in close co-ordination with the structural engineer, architect and planner enabled a smooth Resource Consenting process for the Client. 


  • Staged geotechnical assessment
  • Groundwater monitoring and drawdown assessment
  • Geotechnical design of basement
  • Monitoring neighbouring properties