Eco Retreat Glenorchy, Certified Living Building

Client:                      The Headwaters Ltd
Location:                Glenorchy
Project Value:       Undisclosed
Sector:                    Commercial/Industrial, 3 Waters
Completion:          2018


GWE was commissioned to design the overall utility solution (water demand and greywater and blackwater treatment) for Camp Glenorchy in a manner that met the principles set out in the Living Building Challenge.  

As part of the redevelopment of Camp Glenorchy, GWE managed the water demand and designed the treatment process for all wastewaters on the site.  

The Camp incorporates a number of water-saving devices to minimize water consumption and even out peaks in water demand. Composting toilets have been installed throughout the visitor accommodation as well as low flow, high-efficiency showerheads and faucets.

Greywater generated from the showers, hand basins and laundry is collected in a different pipe and managed separately from the blackwater.  The grey water discharges to a STEP tank before dose pumping directly to a Constructed Subsurface Flow Wetland where it is treated to a high standard.  

Blackwater is piped directly to an SBR, an advanced biological treatment plant where it is treated. The SBR is a multi-stage process that removes pollutants (carbon, nitrogen, and phosphorus), pathogens (bacteria and viruses) and particulate matter that would otherwise degrade the groundwater and lake environment. The pre-treated blackwater is then treated in the same wetland system as the greywater. The combined discharge from the wetland is then irrigated over on-site landscaped areas.


  • Water demand management
  • Advanced wastewater treatment
  • Wetland treatment of wastewater
  • Irrigation of treated effluent