Freemans Bay School, New Teaching Block

Client:                      Ministry of Education
Location:                Freemans Bay, Auckland
Project Value:       $2,900,000
Sector:                    Institutional, 3 Waters
Completion:          2022 (under construction)


Freemans Bay School is a primary school occupying approximately 2.1 ha near the Auckland CBD.  In recent years there has been significant and unforeseen roll growth at the school resulting in the urgent requirement for six additional teaching spaces. 

GWE was engaged to assist with the Master Planning process for the proposed teaching block and provide a strategy for site wide infrastructure services, including water supply, wastewater collection and stormwater management.

The school grounds are approximately 2.1 ha, with approximately 0.6 ha within the floodplain published by Auckland Council.  The contributing catchment area to the

school grounds is approximately 55 ha.  This is an area capable of producing significant flood flows.

A flood impact assessment of the proposed teaching block, a 40 m by 20 m building, was prepared to inform the earthworks design, foundation system design and establish a finished floor level above the 1 in 100 year flood level and avoid exacerbating off-site flooding effects on the neighbouring properties.

The subfloor system was designed to allow flood flows to pass beneath the building and the finished floor level was established with sufficient freeboard to protect people and property.


  • Site investigation
  • Master planning
  • Flood impact assessment
  • Earthworks design
  • 3 Waters design
  • Construction monitoring services