Frimley Park Water Treatment Plant – Commissioning Works

Client:                      Hastings District Council
Location:                Frimley Park (Waiaroha) WTP
Project Value:       Undisclosed
Sector:                    3 Waters
Completion:          2022

The Hastings Drinking Water Strategy 2018 was developed following the Havelock North drinking water contamination. The Frimley water treatment and storage facility is a key part of the strategy and now serves the district’s largest drinking water network, which includes Flaxmere, Bridge Pa, Hastings
and Havelock North.

Frimley facility facts, 8,000,000 litre storage reservoir, 1,500 m of reticulation pipelines, three new water supply bores, 430 square metre water treatment plant building, 400 l/s pumping capacity, UV, and chlorine and fluoridation

The Frimley Park site presented plant design challenges as it is located in a historic park renowned for its beautiful English-styled gardens. The design was based on structures that blended in with the environment and the site was landscaped to effectively hide the facility within the park.

    GWE was engaged by the contractor to prepare a commissioning plan, approved by all stakeholders. Prepare separate task plans for the contractor, subcontractors and suppliers to ensure smooth commissioning of the plant. Onsite commissioning assistance, including process and equipment troubleshooting. The commissioning is currently underway and due to be completed in February 2023.

    The Hastings Council also consulted with local iwi to give the plant a maori name which is now Waiaroha, or “love water”.


    • Source, treatment, and distribution commissioning and
    • Communication plans
    • Task plans and equipment commissioning checklists
    • On-site commissioning assistance and associated