Grand Mt Earnslaw Hotel, Infrastructure Design

Client:                      Blackthorn Limited
Location:                Glenorchy
Project Value:       $44,500,000
Sector:                    Commercial/Industrial, 3 Waters
Completion:          Not yet fixed


The proposal is to re-develop the site of the original hotel, that was destroyed by fire in 1959 with a 64 room luxury hotel and upmarket hospitality offerings.

The design of the proposed hotel is thoughtfully influenced by the principles of sustainability that makes use of natural resources, materials and energy in the build phase and throughout the life of the project.

The community of Glenorchy is not currently served by a community sewerage scheme, therefore an advanced on-site wastewater treatment and disposal system will be constructed. The treated effluent will be dispersed through a series of drip irrigation lines laid in lawn and landscaped areas within the hotel site.

Water demand at the site will be moderated by the installation of water-efficient appliances and water-saving fixtures and fittings in shower rooms, bathrooms and in the kitchens. 

Rainwater collection systems will use inert building materials that will not leach contaminants to the environment. Roof run-off will be disposed of to-ground by adopting the concept of water sensitive design where stormwater is directed to constructed rain gardens, infiltration trenches and retention/detention tanks. Run-off from other areas of the site will be attenuated through stormwater management devices and discharged to grassed road-side swales on the perimeter of the development


  • Resource consent and assessment of effects
  • Wastewater process design
  • Stormwater treatment and disposal
  • Earthworks design
  • Civil design of site infrastructure