Kinloch Golf Club, Effluent Irrigation Scheme

Client:                      Taupo District Council
Location:                Kinloch
Project Value:       $1,500,000
Sector:                    Institutional, 3 Waters
Completion:          2020


The Envirowater/GWE design and construct team was awarded the contract to implement a treated effluent irrigation scheme at the Kinloch Public Golf Course for the Taupo District Council.  The golf course is located in the idyllic lakeside village of Kinloch, on the Western shores of Lake Taupo.

The Council’s requirements for the contract are that treated effluent from the nearby Kinloch Wastewater Treatment Plant is to be pumped to the golf course and irrigated through a sub-soil irrigation system over 5 hectares of golf course fairways.  The purpose of the contract is the safe dispersal of treated effluent along with enhancing the playing environment at the course.

GWE’s project director Colin Cranfield says, “the sub-surface irrigation of treated effluent respects cultural sensitivities to wastewater disposal as the method completely avoids human contact and at the same time protects Lake Taupo from a source of contamination.  Other benefits are that irrigation can occur during playing times without interruption to golf and being sub-surface the treated effluent is fully available to the turf grass as there are no evaporation losses”.

The irrigation system comprises irrigation pumping station, filter station, transmission mains and the 7 irrigation zones comprising 15 irrigation areas.


  • Process and instrumentation design
  • Civil design
  • HAZOP analysis
  • Effluent filter station
  • Pumping station
  • Transmission and distribution mains