Proposed Plan Change for Beachlands South

Client:                     Beachlands South Limited Partnership
Location:                Beachlands South, Auckland
Project Value:       Undisclosed
Sector:                    Land Development, 3 Waters
Completion:          On-going


Beachlands South Limited Partnership has applied to Auckland Council for a plan change necessary to facilitate the development of a coastal urban neighbourhood at the waterfront site.

Beachlands South is proposed to be a highly liveable and sustainable coastal community with a mix of approximately 3,000 high-quality houses, as well as commercial, retail, educational and open space facilities.  Land will be developed for a range of urban purposes in a manner complementary to local environmental features.  Significant ecological linkages and landscape features will be protected and enhanced, and cultural values are respected

    The water supply for the development is based on a philosophy of self-sufficiency and independence.  The source of water for the PPC area will be from groundwater and can be supplemented by rainwater harvesting for non-potable demand.  All dwellings, businesses and institutional buildings will be encouraged to install water conserving plumbing fixtures and appliances to reduce demand.

    The wastewater scheme is based on a membrane bioreactor (MBR) treatment plant, capacity of 2,100m3/d.  A low-pressure sewer system (LPSS) is the preferred reticulation option for the development as it provides substantial benefits over alternative reticulation methods given the layout and staging of the development.  There are a number of feasible wastewater disposal options for the PPC area, including the disposal of treated wastewater to land.


    • Prediction and analysis of water supply and demand
    • Concept design of water supply infrastructure
    • Concept design of wastewater treatment plant, reticulation and land disposal options