A look into our future

Oct 8, 2019 | Company News

For the next 3 years GWE is focusing on growth. We have agreed on a strategy for this growth and already made some far-reaching changes.

A new identity

We’ve lived with our logo and brand identity for many years now, but over time it had become dated and didnt express our business identity as we see it now and in the future. The time was right for a fresh look. We weren’t after an overhaul, but merely a freshen up. And so we have arrived at a new simple logo that continues with our existing colour palette but loses some of the elements that made it all a bit ‘busy’.

It’s not a massive change, but we are delighted with our new look. It forms the start of a fresh new approach to our business.

Some new experience

We have hired two senior Engineers to help lead the way in our growth and the projects we take on-board. It would be hard to find two more experienced Consulting Engineers anywhere in New Zealand, and we’re delighted that they agreed to join us. Colin and Robin will take GWE into projects and locations that we have not ventured before.

A new location

We have moved from our Devonport office to a new larger office in Takapuna, signalling our diversification into other business sectors and geographic areas, and our aim to take on more complex engineering projects.

We have increased the resources in our Waiheke Island office with two staff working from there full time, providing Waiheke with some world-class engineering support.

Want to know more?

If you are keen to know more about our future plans, to work with us or to join our team of engineers, then please give me a call.