Decarbonising Projects Gather Pace for GWE

Sep 13, 2021 | Company News

GWE is pleased to announce an expanding in-house team that is focused on decarbonising infrastructure and building projects.

CEO, Gareth says,” we have a dedicated team that has been working in this space for a number of years now. The work started with reducing operational carbon by improving the efficiency of operations of 3 waters infrastructure and then moved to reducing both operational and embodied carbon by reusing assets where we could or building or using less to achieve the same outcome. Now, we are also looking at the embodied carbon in the structures themselves and what that means for the selection of materials used in the construction of an asset/building through to the construction process itself as well as the end of asset life decisions.

Through our work, we are pleased to have been involved in some ground-breaking projects such as NZ’s first certified Living Building, Eco Retreat, Camp Glenorchy and being a designer partner in the Te Kōpua C40 project team chosen to create a residential development for the Alderman site in Henderson, Auckland.

GWE is currently working on the sustainability and decarbonising strategies, in conjunction with international design partners on a public library project in west Auckland, a 4,000 lot greenfield subdivision in south-east Auckland and a 240 apartment complex in urban Auckland where decarbonising and resilience are at the heart of the design decision making process.
Gareth says, “these are exciting times for us and we invite you to engage with us and see how we can make a difference on your next project”.

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